Sunday, July 24, 2011


Singapore v Malaysia Disturbances

one of the yellow bibbed coppers gets pushed to the ground...

These pictures were taken in the second half and just seem to involve lots of arm waving and finger pointing though one auxiliary policeman was pushed to the ground as can be seen in picture 3.

Many of the fans in the picture are called the Ultras who gave impressive support to their team throughout the game. I saw numbers of them outside the ground before the game and they seemed peaceable enough.

Just because it looks like Ultras are at the heart of the disorder, small disorder, in these pictures obviously from my vantage point it was not clear what had happened and why...

The old bill just fell ... It was as easy as that ... No worries, I guess he still breathing ... Wait till u see what's going to happen in bukit jalil ... And to those coward crew of so called Singapore firm, shout and u will b sorry ... We gurantee u this ... KLC !
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