Monday, October 15, 2007


Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide

Can't remember who was playing when I came here, it was the Adelaide City State League team against ???


Australia v IFK Gothenburg

Back in the days when the Socceroos were sponsored by a tobacco manufacturer - things have changed and how! The Swedes, backed on by thousands of drunken backpackers, won this 1-0. Parramatta Stadium was primarily the home of the Parramatta Eels Rugby League club but also doubled as the venue for important football matches like play off and internationals. I think the crowd was about 6,000 for this game.


Heidleberg Alexander v Preston Makedonia

This was a tasty affair! 10,000 turned out for this local derby which, in the twisted ethnic logic that ruled football then was a clash between Makedonia and North love lost.


Sydney Croatia v St George

This was my last game in Australia, 1991, and the Saints put on a show. Andy Harper scoring twice as they won 3-0 at Edensor Park. Got his shirt after the game but it's gone missing over the years. It was also St George's last game in the NSL. Next time I saw John Filan was at Turf Moor, Burnley where he was playing for Cambridge United. He was a touch surprised to see me and Andy's shirt in deepest Lancashire!


Middle Park, South Melbourne Hellas

Only went to this stadium once but what a game. South Melbourne beat Woollongong Macedonia 7-3 - the highest scoring game I've been to.


APIA Leichardt v Woollongong City

This was 1988. I have no pix from Lambert Park unfortunately but I did manage to see a couple of games at Wentworth Park, a dog track, that APIA used for a while. I forget the score here, maybe 1-0 to City who had Alan Brazil guesting for them.


St George BSC v Marconi Fairfield

My first game downunder, 1987, was this NSL match at the St George Stadium in Banksia. Marconi won 2-1 but the Saints went on to win the grand final beating APIA 4-0 at Parramatta Stadium in front of less than 7,000! In one of the pictures I think it's Frank Farina having a shot on goal.


Inter Monaro v Canberra Griffins

These pictures came from a NSW State League game I went to probably back in 1987 or 1988. Can you believe I drove from Sydney just for this game?! I think I got the teams right, the visitors won 5-1.

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